40 Things I Wish I Knew At 17.

Hello 17 year old self.

You naive, open armed, little girl.

Prepare yourself.

  1. Being brave doesn’t always look as it seems. Speaking up and asking for help is brave.
  2. You are strong. You can walk away.
  3. Your family will have your back. Even your dorky dad.
  4. Tea can heal wounds that time can’t.
  5. Laugh, hard.
  6. Kiss that boy, in the photo booth. You will be friends till this day. He’s more nervous than you.
  7. The popular girls do not give a shit. And neither should you. Just wait.
  8. Your boyfriend is not going to marry you. He’s going to marry another girl.
  9. Learn to stand your ground.
  10. Soak up the Nelson summer sun.
  11. Your heart will heal.
  12. You will forgive yourself.
  13. Wear that damn dress with the slit in the leg.
  14. Ruby will only be tiny once.
  15. Lay down on the couch a few more times.
  16. Clear your room out.
  17. Drop the act of being tough.
  18. Tell Mrs. Smith that she is wrong.
  19. Tell Dad that your still his little girl after all of this.
  20. Eat more chocolate.
  21. Leave your job for somewhere else.
  22. Hold your head high. Your not what they say.
  23. Go to the river more.
  24. Do more things that scare you.
  25. This storm will pass.
  26. You will learn that you are someones beautiful.
  27. He was a dick head. He still is 4 years later.
  28. Take a nap.
  29. You got this.
  30. Making long lists of things to do makes your life easier in the future.
  31. Nelson will not change.
  32. This is not the end.
  33. The ball is not that important.
  34. You already have the most amazing friends.
  35. Boys are bloody c**ts.
  36. Your boobs will grow.
  37. Being tall isn’t lame.
  38. Eat what you want.
  39. Wear more sunscreen.
  40. Stop being a little bitch about what you want to say.

If you knew me when I was 17 I was running wild after being set loose from a relationship. I was focused on the next step in my life and all the things I had to do to get there. I was crawling my way of out of depression and finding out who I was as a person. Looking back I laugh and cringe at what I was like when I was 17. Just between you and I I still cringe at myself cause I am a weird person. I have just over two weeks to create a piece for choreography, find a new house to live, finish university, sort out my summer plan and survive the next 4 weeks without dying. Anyho, its FRIDAY. I have so much s**t to do. K. Bye.

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A pretty sassy 25-year-old​ living in New Zealand.

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