Hacks for Home Sickness

Its not something I guess your parents prepare you for. When they raised you they never thoughts you would fly the nest. But alas you are now many miles away doing what ever brought you there when suddenly it occurred to you that your home sick.

It was in my first year at university when I fell sick and I was curled up in my single bed when I began to realise that all I wanted was my mum to walk in through the door and hand me marmite toast and some pain relief, to call my work and tell them I won’t be coming in because I am sick. But nope, I was alone in a tiny room dying of a cold and being a pussy.

Its one thing to be away from your family but its also another thing to be almost trapped in the city you live in. For those who are a long but realistic   drive away or a 30 minute plane ride GO HOME FOR CHRISTMAS.

So you all understand why I am writing this. Seren is sad. I have not been home in 10 months now and still haven’t booked flights. Home sickness is the real deal and when I get home I am going to cuddle the shit out of everyone there.

So some hacks.

  1. Bring a small memento from home. For me its a jar of sand from my local beach.
  2. Cook meals your family makes. A roast, spag bowl, soup. Anything.
  3. Have a photo of your home town or your family and put that up somewhere you see it every day.
  4. Call, Skype, email, message, text, send a falcon. Stay in touch.
  5. Book travel time to go home. (I fucked up there)
  6. When you are home sick don’t shove it away because you become a shit head.
  7. Read your ‘local’ newspaper online.
  8. Catch up with people from your home town.
  9. Eat food from home. (This may or may not be an excuse to eat pics peanut butter.)
  10. Plan for your trip home and all the things you want to do.

Its looking like a $600 trip to get home so if someone want to kindly donate to my sad fund let me know. But on the plus side my stunning sister is coming up next week and I am more than excited to see her. And now that I am no longer at university I will be posting more and I know I say that every single time. But its December and great things are happening from this laptop.



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