I’m 21 and Homeless.

Now never did think that 2016 would start off with me being homeless.

I am about to graduate and start my postgraduate studies and I cannot get a house.

The information you need to know:

  • I am not living on the street.
  • I am staying at Jamie’s mums amazing house.
  • Jamie has now moved out. 
  • Its now me and Jamie’s mum.
  • I am thankful. More than words can describe. 
  • I feel I am cursed.
  • I am on borrowed time. 
  • Trade me is my cocaine.

So how did I get here you ask. Well I can’t tell you the details because Jamie and I have to go to court to get our bond back from our last house. That was 7 weeks ago. We just moved out. In a hurry. After three months.

So we have been at Jamie’s mums house for 7 weeks and she has gracefully had us here and needs a golden medal for being an amazing human being. In these 7 weeks Jamie and I started to look for new places together but found we were getting the “no couples” in all of the listings. If you are willing to put $4o0 into a room plus expenses you should allow couples. But what ever, Jamie and I thought long and hard about what to do next with the line “do not rush into anything” in the back of our minds. He is joining the police this year and will be going to wellington for 3 months for training and I will be writing like a mad woman about dancing and could do with the creative space. Thus we came to the conclusion that we would move out from one another for the year. Easy. Then we both started looking.

In the 7 weeks I have text over 30 people. In the 7 weeks I have been to at least 10 different flat viewing. In the 7 weeks I have introduced myself. In the 7 weeks I have trademe searched :Auckalnd, Auckland City, Herne Bay, nearby areas with rent to $250. In the 7 weeks I have been offered 3 places. 2 being too far away to walk home from work. When you work in fine dining there ain’t no leaving till the last table is done and people in Auckland can stick around till 12pm. I was then offered an amazing room, boy did I work hard for it. I was there for a whole hour talking to this gal. It was perfect distance to work and the house was great, people were fantastic and they were looking for someone for that weekend. The line I was given “I would love to give you the room, let me chat with the flat and I am sure it will be fine. I will send you through the bank details and you can move in this weekend. ”


I waited, and waited. I bought a bed. Got excited. Almost bought a desk. Started to mentally unpack into the room when she just didn’t get back to me that night. In the morning I had a text explaining that she had given the room to her friend and that she was wishing me the best of luck finding another place.

Did I cry. Um yes.

Not only had I just thought I had it all sorted did, Jamie go and get himself a flat. A beautiful flat and would be moving out the weekend I was moving out too. It would of been perfect.

Cheers Kelly. I hope your friend really enjoys the room.

So Jamie moved out, my stuff is all packed just waiting for a new home. I am just waiting. And I am out of time.

I am on edge. Every single time my phone goes off I jump. You wana know why?


Because no one is Auckland gets back to you. Lord. The amount of one way texts I have on my phone is sickening. Or they leave trademe listings up for weeks though the room was filled 4 hours it went up. I am waiting to hear back from one place but they have yet to respond to my text and things are getting more desperate.

This was an email I sent out today.

Hello Sean, 

My name is Seren Powell-Jones, I am 21 and in need of a room for this year. 
Though I am young please do not write me off just yet. This year I am going to be doing my post graduate studies at Auckland University. I will be working on my honors degree in dance. Yes I am a dancer. A professional contemporary dancer. 
Not only do I know some sweet moves but I work part time because I have to pay the bills somehow. I work at a fine dinning restaurant in Herne Bay. 
Look I could tell you that I am amazing and wonderful (I have great banter) but I am not going to. Seriously we can play flat mate idol till the cows come home and my age may have just put me in the no pile straight away and you may no longer be reading this. 
If you are interested then please send me a time for a viewing and if you are not interested then please; for the love of god and all things fantastic reply any way saying how sorry you are because of my age.
I hope this finds you well.
Warmest regards,
Seren Powell-Jones

Look I will be honest. I think maybe I am being too picky. But Auckland ain’t the most friendly place at 12pm you don’t want to have too far to walk. I have considered getting a place by myself but for $350 I don’t think it will work. I have thought about leaving my job so that I can live almost anywhere but I wouldn’t do that to the amazing team I work with.

So my waiting continues and Jamie keeps telling me I will find a place and I am sure I would it just needs to be the Herne Bay side of Ponsonby. With people who are not 37+ but I am now just considering them too. Praying to the flatting gods and hitting refresh on trademe 1000x a day.

As you can see, I am losing hope quickly and do not get me wrong, I am thankful for those of you who have offered me a place you just all live in the wrong area and that makes me what to cry.

Soon. Fucking soon, I will have a house.

In the writing of this piece I was told no because I was a student.

Working fucking professional over here. Fine dining. Wont spill wine in your lap. Professional. Fuck.


Really though.

Auckland. Can. Suck. My. Flatting. Dick.




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