To Men: Pt 3-S**t you need to stop saying.

Following along from international woman day. I thought I would pop together a list of the shit I am tired of hearing. I mean I could eye roll to death if I had a man string these lines together.

  1. Girls on tinder are easy.
  2. She’s got too much make up on.
  3.  You can’t lift as much as me.
  4. _____ throws like a girl.
  5. Where is my sandwich?
  6. How do you cook eggs?
  7. Are you on your period?
  8. Your lipstick is quiet dark.
  9. She said no to me.
  10. She is not very lady like.
  11. Her stretch marks are off putting.
  12. As long as she knows how to get onto her knees.
  13. She shouldn’t drink as much as me.
  14. She should be on birth control.
  15. She has that womanly touch.
  16. Being a woman is not an excuse.
  17. Bloody female drivers.
  18. Thats not how a lady speaks.
  19. You will be a great mother.
  20. Have you thought about getting into teaching/nursing/administration?
  21. Oh no she won’t like it because she’s a girl.
  22. Whisky is for men.
  23. Someone has their big girl pants on.
  24. What would your mother say?
  25. Thats too short.
  26. Thats too long.
  27. Why did you cut your hair off?
  28. Is it that time of month?
  29. You have such a way with children.
  30. I would give her a 4/10.
  31. She’s had too much work done.
  32. She is too fat.
  33. She is too thin.
  34. I hope my daughter doesn’t turn out like you.
  35. You father would disapprove.

Just stop. Because it is a no from me.

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A pretty sassy 25-year-old​ living in New Zealand.

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