So if you chat to anyone who knew me in my childhood, especially my mother. They would tell you that my bedroom was a bomb site. No floor, no space, just mess. But fast forward to Seren as a 22 year old and you will find me in my room, bed made, floor clean, simple.

Now I will be honest right now; I mean when am I never not honest, but I still suck at keeping things tidy ALL the time. Because I am human.

So how did I go from a girl who literally could’t keep her room clean to a girl who needs to have it clean to even function?

  1. Give everything a place. I mean everything. Socks, perfume, university books, handbags, spray bottle for my bonsai. Everything has a spot. You could ask me where something is and I can led you straight to it. That makes for less mess.
  2. Make you bed every day. Coming home to a made bed is bloody bliss.
  3. Colour co-orridanate your wardrobe. Follow the old school ROYGBIV. Begin with black, head to grey and end on white. Jackets one end. Delicate items at the other end. I have two sections and know where to look for a piece of clothing.
  4. Get organised. Have a laundry basket, a rubbish bin and a shoe rack. And always put your shoes away when you take them off.
  5. Hang your keys up. I do this every time I come home. Right by my light switch. You know where they are and you can’t miss them when heading out the door.
  6. Put things on trays. I hit the op shop and found glass trays. Put all my perfume on one and on the other my camera and some nick backs. One way to look classy but its easy to do.
  7. If your room is too much to handle begin with your pantry. Sorting it out into sections will make you know what is in your cupboard but also make you even more happy when you go to make dinner.
  8. Find the things that give you joy because of memories and put them on display. If its photos, little trinkets or a damn plant. Put it out there. Someone will see it and ask you about it.
  9. My best friends are very tidy people. Though they may not think it. Jared always has a tidy room. It. Is. Never. Messy. Thalia, knows where all her gym gear is. Her protein and her gym shoes. Claire, seems to know where everything is regardless of the environment. Car, room, computer file. That girl is organised. You will already be tidy at something. Could be your diary. The way you cook. How you get ready in the morning. You just need to pay attention and apply to the rest of your life.
  10. Once you have a tidy space, don’t say “I will never let it get like that again.” Rather say; “I will keep it tidy by putting things away that disrupt my hard work.”

You have to think about being tidy as this immediate reward. No one hates a tidy room. Expect when your me and you tidy your room and then immediately loose something. I have that power. But remember you won’t have to keep reminding yourself to keep things tidy. It will become habit. It took me a while but it does happen.

You should know I still hate doing laundry and honestly I suck at trying to put it away. I can feel my mother laughing and nodding now. Yes Jenny I am still learning. I have that terrible habit of putting clean laundry in the washing basket and then it not making its way to the draws…

So put your laptop down, your phone and go and make your bed. Just start there. Then pick everything off your floor and put it on your bed and get going. You won’t regret it. I would love to see some before and after photos. Send them to me on snap chat seren.pj!



Hacks for Home Sickness

Its not something I guess your parents prepare you for. When they raised you they never thoughts you would fly the nest. But alas you are now many miles away doing what ever brought you there when suddenly it occurred to you that your home sick.

It was in my first year at university when I fell sick and I was curled up in my single bed when I began to realise that all I wanted was my mum to walk in through the door and hand me marmite toast and some pain relief, to call my work and tell them I won’t be coming in because I am sick. But nope, I was alone in a tiny room dying of a cold and being a pussy.

Its one thing to be away from your family but its also another thing to be almost trapped in the city you live in. For those who are a long but realistic   drive away or a 30 minute plane ride GO HOME FOR CHRISTMAS.

So you all understand why I am writing this. Seren is sad. I have not been home in 10 months now and still haven’t booked flights. Home sickness is the real deal and when I get home I am going to cuddle the shit out of everyone there.

So some hacks.

  1. Bring a small memento from home. For me its a jar of sand from my local beach.
  2. Cook meals your family makes. A roast, spag bowl, soup. Anything.
  3. Have a photo of your home town or your family and put that up somewhere you see it every day.
  4. Call, Skype, email, message, text, send a falcon. Stay in touch.
  5. Book travel time to go home. (I fucked up there)
  6. When you are home sick don’t shove it away because you become a shit head.
  7. Read your ‘local’ newspaper online.
  8. Catch up with people from your home town.
  9. Eat food from home. (This may or may not be an excuse to eat pics peanut butter.)
  10. Plan for your trip home and all the things you want to do.

Its looking like a $600 trip to get home so if someone want to kindly donate to my sad fund let me know. But on the plus side my stunning sister is coming up next week and I am more than excited to see her. And now that I am no longer at university I will be posting more and I know I say that every single time. But its December and great things are happening from this laptop.



The 5 Sex Lessons They Don’t Teach You In High School.

So the saga continues.

Lets get in it balls deep. (My jokes are in no way ever going to be funny. We already know this but I will write them out any way cause I am a sassy gal)

Picture theses situations:

  1. Talking with a boy about sex. He says “so are you on the pill?” you say “no” and then there is this awkward tension because he hasn’t put two dots together and assumes that the pill is the only contraception. I HAVE HAD THIS SITUATION. Also had the awkward explaining that it (an IUD) looks like a fish hook but is inside me. IN NO TONE CAN YOU MAKE THIS SOUND APPEALING. If your man doesn’t know that there is other contraception out there other than the pill and a condom you should just highlight this moment. Possibly move him along.
  2. If you are about to have sex and your man say “do I have to” in regards to wearing a condom. GET UP. Do not say a word and leave. Close the door and delete his number. Yall think I am joking really Im not. Also on this same point you should not have to ask for him to wear a condom. Because the situation of you staring at him and then his dick whilst he takes his 45 second break to do the one thing he HAS to do. Real romantic. There is no if’s or but’s round this one. Goes for both girls and guys.
  3. You should be getting an STI check after every sexual partner. BOTH OF YOU. You should have a conversation about when you had one last and it should not be judgemental. It also gives you both peace of mind. If they have never had one, you should highly recommend that they do.
  4. You should also have a conversation about what is okay and what isn’t in terms of in the bedroom or outside. You don’t know. This can be as straight forward as a checklist. (There is lots online) Or a game of 40 questions. Know your boundaries and others. You might discover that you both like something but are a little too shy to say.
  5. Your sex life should also be private. No one wants to walk in on their significant other talking about your intimate details to other people you don’t know. “She loves it from behind.” *walks in, opens front door* “you can let yourself out.”

These are some of the situations in which you should take action or act upon. What I am trying to say is teach each other many things, maybe it is how to talk about sex or that their behaviour is unacceptable.

Next week we will continue on talking about this stunning topic of sex. Let me know if there is anything you really want me to address and write about. Short and sweet on your Friday night.

10 Guy Hacks

I know this is a little late but its here. Finally 10 guy hacks brought to you by myself and with a lot of help from Jamie, le boyfriend. So as it discovers, there are not many places that have guy hacks so we are hoping that this helps all you chaps.

  1. During the day think of plausible answers to the inevitable question “what are you thinking about?” from that significant other.
  2. To avoid getting “awkward arm” when cuddling put said arm under her pillow.
  3. If you find a piece of clothing that you like. For example AS colour t-shirts. Buy three different colours. Don’t look like you never wash your clothes. You are not an animal.
  4. If you want to impress a girl whilst having her over for dinner. Get pasta and pesto. Cook the pasta, add meat and pesto. If she doesn’t like pesto or pasta. Move on.
  5. To stop your room from looking messy. Hang every single thing up that isn’t pants. T-shirts, jackets, shirts. You won’t have to fold them and it keeps them looking brand new.
  6. Have a roll on deodorant and a cologne. These are two different things. One is for your under arms and the other one is for your chest. Don’t buy lynx. You are not 14
  7. When looking for new music, always ‘radio’ (on spotify, pandora, etc) your favorite artists to see what else is similar in that genre.
  8. If you like a girl and want to get to know her, be genuine to her. Cut the cat calling and seedy eyes. Be a man and walk over to her.
  9. Have condoms. You can only blame yourself.
  10. Chivalry. If you don’t know what that is then go and use the internet.

If you are a guy reading this. (I can’t tell.) I would love to know if you are reading this. You can PM me or hit like on the FB post. I guess, the point of this post is to make you the best that you can be. If you already do all these things then congratulations on being a rather good human being.

Any way I am going to try my hardest to post more often. At least once a week for you cool kids.

Enjoy these hacks. From Seren and Jamie.

P.s Jamie would like to add he didn’t have much choice in not collaborating with Seren.

10 Girl Hacks You Need To Know

This is my pre-valentines day gift to you ladies. Sorry that was a reminder. Ever so sorry. But love yourself. Sly tip for you.

Any way the title kinda ruined the magic of this blog post but hey, look you’re still here and reading. So go forth, and read my lovelies. If you are a boy and you are still here thats cool too, I will be doing a collaboration with my boyfriend very shortly and have 10 tips for you also. Yeeeeaah, I will have all the hacks. Will I become the ‘Hack-Queen’ I don’t know. But its 2015 so anything can happen.

So I live in what I would say is a fairly fast paced life. If I am truly honest I am rather lazy. Put those two things together and sometimes I look rather rough around the edges. I admit that. I really do envy the girls who look flawless 24/7. You all deserve some sort of crown. Now taking the equation of: needing to look flawless + not having enough time + being lazy =  10 Girl Hacks.

  1. Have chipped nail polish? Grab a glitter nail polish, gold is ideal and then dap a bit on the end of your nail and feather is out to an ombre finish. Finish with a top coat if you can be bothered.
  2. Eyelash extensions. These bad boys save you time. The first time my boyfriend called me beautiful I had eyelash extensions on. Word of warning though, do your research.
  3. Have a go to look for each season. It will save you looking and make your shopping more efficient. And your wardrobe won’t be such a lost place.
  4. If you treat yourself by getting your nails done but then also made the rookie mistake of not knowing what colour to get and the lady is now filing at a very slow pace to buy you some time. Grab a gold sparkle, nude or grey. Any of these three colour will work with any outfit.
  5. Carry around at all times; Chapstick, plasters, tampons, condom and Panadol. These are at any time a life saver. Its all about being smart. Never be caught out.
  6. Do take a multivitamin. Whether it be a woman’s daily one or something you need. I always take a multivitamin high in magnesium. You can thank me later.
  7. Wear a perfume everyday. You will then discover what it is like to have ‘a scent’. Mine is Summer by FCUK. But I love Coco Mademoiselle Chanel and Daisy by Marc Jacobs.
  8. Dry shampoo. Honestly saved me at RNV! It’s worthy of your money.
  9. Give yourself a face mask once a week. I am in love with Mask of Magnaminty by Lush. Will make your skin beautiful.
  10. Clean the wallet out. Not in terms of money but of all the things you don’t need in that bad boy. I am known for coffee cards, receipts from the bus and random lists. You will feel so much better the next time you use it.

So these are my ten girl hacks. I am sure once you have seen this I would of thought of a few more so I might do a 2.0 version. Try some of these and let me know how they go. From the girl who is just trying to keep up with another flawless beauties out there.